Why did I make this website?
My name is Mila, and if there is one thing that I love to do, it's travelling. It all started a couple of years ago, in 2015. We were planning on going on vacation to Panama and Costa Rica in the summer. I was looking forward to it for months. I even filled up a whole notebook with traveltips, the best spots to visit and important things to do when you are going on vacation. Now, a few years later, I decided to start a travel site, based on the little notebook.

What is my website about?
At this website, you can find everything you need to know about travelling. I will post about packing tips, travel ideas and tips for after your vacation. I think that it’s really important to not get all your information from one person only. That’s why I made an email address (travelmiel@gmail.com) where you can send all your experiences, ideas, tips and comments to. I will read all the emails and use all the information I get from you to make my website better and to give you variating information.

What information can you get from this website?
One thing that I noticed is that I couldn’t find any website that serves information about traveltips. Sure, there are blogs with one or two articles about it, but I couldn’t find a real website about it. So: if you like travelling and if you look forward to it and want to enjoy it as much as possible, I would really recommend this website!

Who am I?
My name is Mila. I like to go (wind)surfing, take a run and I (obviously) love to travel! I live in the Netherlands around ten minutes away from Amsterdam. The reason why I love travelling is that I think that it is super healthy to sometimes escape the busyness and things you need to do during your normal days. Also, I think it’s really nice to just go away with your friends or family.

If you have questions, ideas or if you are interested in collaboration with me, you can always send me an email to: travelmiel@gmail.com.

You can also send me your traveltips, countries to visit and the highlights in those countries to the email-address: travelmiel@gmail.com. I will read all of your emails. And I will use those emails to improve my website and variate in my articles.

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