Two years ago, we decided to book a last-minute flight to go to Greece for three weeks. We packed our bags and one week later, we left for Thessaloniki. We travelled to Rhodes, Delphi and Metheora. It all looked amazing, but there was one island no place in Greece could come close to… Kefalonia!


What is Kefalonia?
Kefalonia is an island at the left side of Greece. You can get there by taking a boat, ferry or a little plane. We decided to take a ferry from Patras to Sami. It took us around two hours to get to Kefalonia. The island is just beautiful: there are beautiful beaches and not that many tourists. I do need to warn you for the fact that there were lots and lots of stray cats. Greece is already known for its enormous amount of stray animals, but Kefalonia really hit the peak in the amount of all of the cats and dogs walking around the street.


Why I love Kefalonia
Like I said before, Kefalonia is just a beautiful and non-touristic place to stay. The island is mostly known for its beaches. Greece generally has amazing beaches, but those were nothing compared to what I saw in Kefalonia. Also: the island is very photogenic. In summer, when the flowers are blooming and when the fishes are coming out of the reef, you can take amazing shots as well inside as outside of the water. All of the photos in these posts are without filter, so you can see how beautiful the island looks.


Amazing beaches
At the island there were two of the most beautiful beaches I ever saw in my life.

The first, and most-known beach, is Myrtos beach. This sea-side is great, but only to look at! When we went in, we noticed it wasn’t as nice to swim in as it looked. There was a very strong current in the water, which probably was the reason no one else was trying to swim. So please watch out when you want to get in! It might look tempting, but if I were you, I wouldn’t get to deep into the water.

The second beach is Assos beach. This is one is way smaller than Myrtos beach, but still as pretty. There are no waves and it’s perfect for snorkelling. The water is super clear, which makes it easy to see all the fishes in the water and, this is a very important factor, there are no sea urchins, while I came across them everywhere else in Greece. So, outside of the fact that this beach is just amazing to look at, it’s also nice and safe to go swimming and snorkelling!

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