Argentina is a beautiful place, mostly known for its tango, animals and… food! When I thought of Argentinian food, I most likely thought of steak, chorizo, fajita and beef. Until I went there, when I found out that, even though Argentinian people do eat lots and lots of steak, chorizo and beef, the country has a lot more traditional food to offer! So, to make sure none of us ever make the same mistake as I did, I have decided to write an article about traditional Argentinian food.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor empanadasEmpanadas

You might have heard of these delicious puff pastry roles stuffed with “pollo” (chicken), “carne” (meat) or “vegetal” (vegetables). In Buenos Aires (the capital of Argentina), you can literally find places to buy these at every corner. It’s meant to eat for breakfast or lunch and it’s actually really easy to make! I made these a couple of times since I came back from Argentina and they’ve always tasted great!



This technically isn’t food, but it’s still traditional Argentinian! This is the Argentinian name for a freshly made smoothie. You can either choose to take a “licuado con agua” (a water-based smoothie) or you could take a “licuado con leche” (a milk-based smoothie). I personally preferred the milk- based smoothies, but they are also great when water- based!



Churros are very typical Argentinian snacks, which I, as a Dutch person, also eat during New-Years. It’s mostly made out of flour in a frying pan. After frying it, most people usually dip these into sugar or melted chocolate to eat it on the go, wrapped in a newspaper.



Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche is a soft caramel sauce, which is put on literally anything that is sweet in Argentina. You could make this yourself by dropping a can of sweetened condensed milk  into a pot of simmering water for about 3 hours. After that, you should let it completely cool down and then open the can.




Chimichurri is the country’s most eaten sauce. It’s made out of parsley, oregano, onion, chilli pepper flakes, garlic and olive oil. Some people use this green salsa as a marinade, though most often it’s used to season grilled meats throughout the country.




If you ever visit Argentina I really recommend you to try out all of these Argentinian dishes (and one drink).

For now: please email me or fill in a contact form if you have any tips, tops or ideas for my next articles.


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