I have recently visited Italy for a few weeks. When I thought of Italy, I only thought sun, pizza and people talking way too much with their hands. Actually, despite all of this is true, Italy has many other things to offer!

Take pictures
One of the things tourists love about Italy are its beautiful streets with colourful houses and balconies decorated with flowers in all kinds of colours. It’s super photogenic. The most famous places in Italy for taking pictures are Venice, Rome and Florence. But that doesn’t mean that it are the only places in Italy where you could take amazing pictures. I personally love lake Como. We stayed there for a very long time because it was such a pretty lake. I took almost all my Italy pictures there. I would definitely recommend going there to take pictures like I did!

If you like Greek architecture, you will love Italy!
Italy is well-known for its famous Greek architecture. For instant the Colosseum, Pantheon, Piazzale Michelangelo and way more! Though, I have to warn you for the fact that you can only find these kinds of buildings in the big, well-known cities, like Rome. You can’t find them anywhere else in Italy. Despite that, it’s really worth it to go there when you’re on vacation!

Visit one of the many Italian islands
If you like snorkeling, swimming, (perhaps) scuba diving, you should definitely try to visit at least one Italian island. These are so pretty, filled with colorful fishes! Because the temperature in South-Italy is really high (in the summer around 30/35 degrees celsius), you can easily stay swimming for a whole day because the water temperature is really nice. You could also take scuba diving, waterskiing or waterboard lessons there, which is really awesome! This also brings us to the next thing to do…

Take lessons or try something new
Italy is the perfect country for learning new sports, finding new hobbies or doing something you’ve never done. It’s such a ranging country! In the north, there are a lot of mountains. You can climb or take a hiking tour with a guide. In the middle, you can find all the big cities with beautiful architecture and Greek buildings, like mentioned above. At the coast, you can learn how to scuba dive, waterboard, water ski, windsurf and a lot of other new things!


Rent a boat, bicycle or scooter
I think this is the best tip of this list. There are so many places to rent a boat near the coast or a bicycle or scooter in the city. It’s not that expensive and you can enjoy it for a whole day long! About the boats: if you would like to do this at a lake, I would recommend renting it on a very hot day. Most lake beaches in Italy are private, so there are not many public beaches. That’s why all of them can be super busy on a hot day. If you rent a boat, you can go to more quiet islands or just go swimming in the middle of the lake.

I hope you liked this article! Please leave new ideas or comments in the comment section down below. You can also answer the question: What do you think about when you hear ‘Italy’?



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