We all know it: it’s a hot day, you don’t feel like using sunscreen and BAM… all of a sudden, you look like a lobster. Familiar? Read this article so you’ll never have to go through the pain of sunburns!

Put on sunscreen
First of all: use,¬†and keep using,¬†sunscreen. We all hate to put on sunscreen (at least, I do) but believe me: you won’t regret it when you do! But do make sure to keep putting on sunscreen through the day. Also: it’s completely untrue that you can’t get tanned if you were sunscreen. Though, I’m not gonna lie to you, it does slow the process of getting tanned a bit. But tell me: do you rather have a completely red, painful skin or a little whiter skin?

Use aftersun
Use aftersun or other cooling products if you have a sunburn. Aftersun makes your skin cool down so that it’s less painful. If you don’t have aftersun, you could always use products like: aloe vera gel, honey, oatmeal, raw potatoes, cucumber, yoghurt or milk. But please make sure that your skin isn’t allergic to the product you’re using on it. I had that with oatmeal… it didn’t quit work out the way I hoped it would.

Cover up your skin when traveling trough the desert.
If you’re traveling trough the desert, it is super important to cover up your skin. It might be awfully hot to wear covering clothes when it’s 45 degrees Celsius, but please make sure to cover up your skin. Nearby the equator, where the deserts are, the sun is shining directly onto your skin. If your skin isn’t used to this, it can get really damaged and it could get seriously dangerous for your own health.

Use sunglasses
Use sunglasses to protect your eyes. A lot of people forget that sun could not only damage your skin, but also your eyes. That’s why I put this tip in my ‘anti-sunburn-list’. You might have only one skin, but you also have only one pair of eyes! They also need protection! So… wear sunglasses!

Egg white?
Some people emailed me that egg white works if you’re sunburned. It appears so that if you put egg white on your skin, it makes sure that you don’t feel any pain and that the redness goes away over one night sleep!

Take breaks
And last but not least… take breaks from the sun. Even if you’re using sunscreen, you should really take breaks from the sun to cool down your skin.

I hope these tips helped you out! If you have any good tips for this list, Email me! I might update this article with your tips in it! Next subject (posted on the 1st of October): “Unknown beautiful destinations for your vacation”.

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